Story behind this blog


Once upon a time i was a dancer, later I was "the most studious", then became the most spotive entertainer at college! One fine day I find myself too interested in computers and from that day on was deeply rooted into computer programming (Had to do something to make a living... figured IT was my only option). Worked, working and will be working as a Software proessional (God only knows until when). So what next? Is there something that I can do to make a difference in people's life? Can I make a difference in IT... well, not when I have a 11 month old who needs my attention most of the time.

A couple of my friends came home one night.. and we played poker until 4 am! At 8am I woke up and realized that we had a few hungry people at home. 4 years back I would have served them with bread and bagels... But I did feel that I had to make a good Indian breakfast! Reason: The little cook in me now inspires me to do things differently. Thanks to my mom, mil and sis, they are much better cooks than me but don't have enough time to create a blog! But no worries, you'll see a lot of their recipes too!

Few years back, I didn't know the difference between Toor dal and Chenna Dal, they looked the same to me! Guess what, today I am starting a blog to give away my authentic recipes... If just 4 years could make me a good cook and inspire me to create a blog... hats off to the achis who have been cooking great chettinad food for more than 40 years!